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PC Accessories
Heat Drains & Heat Stores

The Mini (Configurations D-J) comes in a fanless case, which makes use of an external heat drain to lower the temperature of the PC. Use of a thermal accessory is optional yet recommended.

Ordinary light-weight operation of the PC produces very little heat and will not require a thermal accessory.

For 24/7 continual high performance you will need a large copper heat drain.

However, for intermittent high performance an aluminum accessory will be more proficient because it simultaneously stores-up and dissipates the heat. Plus it costs less.

You may optionally add any of the same surface treatments that are available to the PC. One side is left bare for thermal contact purposes. Be sure to adjust your quantity during check-out to account for the number of PC's and thermal accessories to apply the surface treatment.

Heat Drains

The 1" x 18" x 1/8" copper bar is convenient because its the same length as the keyboard, making it easy to pack away into the same space. It mounts directly over the CPU for maximum effect in this low-cost accessory to dissipate excess heat as it leans back and up at an angle from the PC. This is a good choice for continual medium performance uses of the PC.
Price: $30

The V-shaped 8" x 12" x 0.05" copper drain (made from a 16" x 12" x 0.05" copper sheet folded in half) is an exceptional heat drain relative to cost and space. It folds flat making it easy to pack next to the PC in transport or storage, while requiring only one inch more than the PC itself during use. We highly recommend this heat drain for its combination of convenience, space saving, looking cool, and effectiveness. This is a good choice for a small space, and while traveling, where medium-high performance may be needed continually.
Price: $115

The 10" x 20" x 1/16" copper sheet is an extremely effective heat drain. It comes with a z-fold-crease at 9" from one end, making it easy to bend to 90 degree. You place the short end on your desk and the PC on top, or flip both over and use thumb screws (included). Then the long end stretches up or down the wall (11") with a 1-2" gap from the wall. All that surface area allows copper to do what it does best: dissipate heat fast. This is the right choice for continual high performance.
Price: $150

An 8" x 18" x 1/4" solid aluminum plate significantly increases both the heat store capability and the heat drain capability. This works well when medium-high performance sessions are needed. It also just fits within the small travel case because it is the same size as the keyboard. It easily mounts to the PC using 4 included thumb screws, fitting right along the side of the PC and out the back an added 6". This is the best low-cost accessory that is also portable.
Price: $40

A 2' x 4' x 1/4" solid aluminum plate works great as a cover for a desktop. Simply set or bolt the PC on top. This is an ideal configuration to rapidly store and dissipate heat. Since it is under your hands while typing, it also gives you real-time feedback as to how much heat is stored up. This is one of the best thermal accessories for an intermittently very active high performance PC user.
Price: $145

NOTE: the provided thumb screws (included with most accessories above) are just long enough to combine multiple accessories, allowing many more combinations.

If you'd prefer to connect your own heat drain using a heavy gauge copper wire, then you could make use of this 1" x 8" x 1/4" copper conduit ($37) for the connection. It includes two holes, one to connect to The Mini running diagonally directly over the CPU (includes a 6 W/mK thermal pad), and one 3/8" diameter hole at the end to bolt your copper cable lug (you supply cable and lug).

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