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Priority List



re: Priority List


My name is Anthony Snyder. I am personally inviting you to join our Priority List. This is a list of people that are very interested in our new product (the Unified-PC), and the underlying vision behind the product.

If you feel as I do about the vision and would like to help, then please review our current progress to gain a better idea of the challenges ahead.

Please see customer quotes from some of our preliminary customers.

The best way to help is to purchase the Unified-PC. Some units are ready to ship now. Production is scaling up throughout this year.

Another way to help is to contribute $500 or more in the form of a no-interest loan, donation, or advance payment towards future purchases. This gets your name on the Priority List. I will repay loans at any time, no questions asked, independently of any purchases.

If you choose to help in this manner, then please send money to...


...then put "loan", "donation", or "advance payment" in the comments. (Paypal may ask if it is for products or services, and you should indicate YES if it is an advance payment.) I will then put your name on the Priority List. Those on the Priority List receive special priority and consideration.


Anthony Snyder

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