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Specifications & Parts List
The Mini 2

Description: 3.6GHz i3 Coffee Lake
Manufacturer: Intel
Part: i3-8100
Standards: Coffee Lake, LGA 1151
Intel may have over compensated for AMD's recent success when they doubled the cores in the Coffee Lake i3. Adding to this the high GHz rating and you have a whole lot of power in a very affordable CPU. This CPU is great for a high sustained single-core speed. And with 4 cores you have plenty of parallel processing as well. One thing it doesn't have is the ability to access DDR4 RAM at its top speed. For this and for turbo, you'll need an i5 or i7.
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Description: Prime Mini-ITX MB, w/Coffee Lake H310T-Plus R2.0 chipset, plus famous CSM program
Manufacturer: ASUS
Part: Prime H310T R2.0/CSM
Standards: Mini-ITX, LGA 1151, Coffee Lake Refresh, H310T R2.0
This Mini-ITX motherboard was manufactured for all uses: industrial, business, scientific, educational, and entertainment. It works with Windows 7 and 10. It includes a long list of capabilities, including 6GB/s SATA3, 5GB/s USB 3.0 (aka 3.1 gen 1) & M.2.
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Description: 4GB 2666 MT/S 260-pin DDR4 SDRAM SO-DIMM (PC4-21300), Single Ranked x8, 1024M x 64, non-ECC, 1.2V
Manufacturer: Crucial
Part: CT4G4SFS8266
Standards: DDR4, UDIMM
DDR4 memory is way faster than DDR3 memory, and this is where Coffee Lake really shines. Stock speed is 2666MHz, which is more than just about anyone will know what to do with. Comparing a fast paced HD resolution animation at 2400MHz vs 2666MHz vs 3000MHz there was no noticeable difference. All three ran just as smoothly. 2666 is the fastest stock speed for Coffee Lake, and not all Coffee Lake CPU's will go that fast. We supply just this speed in all our PC's to make them all interchangeable, which gives you a bit more value in some upgrade scenarios. Since the connections are closer together they are far trickier to install. Only highly experienced technicians should install these.
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Description: 500GB, Large SLC NVMe M.2 SSD
Manufacturer: Adata
Part: ASX8200PNP-512GT-C
Standards: M.2, NVMe, PCIe Gen3 x4
For some time now the performance graph for the Adata XPG SX8200 Pro has amazed us all with this extra long SLC performance. Interestingly, it is just right to quickly flush and reload an operating system's disk cache where a lot of RAM is involved. What could be the reason? This fixes the problem where an operating system's DRAM-based disk cache is not persistant, which then makes it the very best solution to the single queue random read bottleneck. So yes, very significant. Plus, this combination will allow the operating system's disk cache to beat Intel's Optane in performance.
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Description: Black Mini Tower or Desktop or Portable
Manufacturer: RGeek
Part: C01
Standards: Thin Mini-ITX
This is approximately the smallest you can go with the Mini-ITX form factor before slipping outside the highest-value zone. Any smaller and we wouldn't be able to install the highest value CPU cooler. This amazing case has room for one 2.5" SATA drive (though with some creativity this can be pushed to two). There's room to add up to 3 more fans (4 total), which might be a good idea if you plan on going with an i9, 32GB RAM, and a couple high powered SSD's. It is absolutely true that more fans at lower RPM's last longer and work more quietly than fewer fans at higher RPM's. This case includes VESA mount holes compatible with an optional bracket, that you may use to mount it in various places (walls, ceilings, behind appliances, etc).
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External PSU
Description: 135 watt Power Adaptor
Manufacturer: Elecbrain
Part: SK90B190710
Standards: 110v
This PSU targeted the very large laptop aftermarket, and surviving that resulted in sufficient detailed 5 star reviews to convince us that it is the very best PSU for this purpose.
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