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Customer Quotes

"This computer is the envy of all my friends and co-workers. It's incredibly fast and responsive even after a year of daily use. I run my real-time engineering on three screens without lag issues. And it gives me so much advantage in day trading stocks that it feels like I'm cheating. It is like night and day compared to the other PC's I've used. And it is super small!"

Scott J.
Bellingham, WA

"As a PhD student and professor, my wife needed the ability to record and edit video, seamlessly teach and participate in Zoom meetings, and have a computer that "just works".

I knew a few things to look for, but Anthony at Silver Bullet PC already had it all figured out with real-world testing and practical knowledge.

We are very pleased with the computer. My wife's summary, "It's fast. It works. And it's quiet!". From my perspective, I'd say it's a great computer, components optimized for speed and reliability, and at a very fair price.

What a great service.

Thank you Silver Bullet PC!"

Bruce and Sage T.
Bozeman, MT

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