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Highest-Value Strategy

Technologies follow a 7-step progression.

  1. cutting edge
  2. critical improvements
  3. substantial price drops
  4. highest-value
  5. low-end
  6. outdated
  7. obsolete

PC features that are used the most are our first design priority. We make sure the PC handles all of these exceptionally well for many years.

The most reliable Highest-Value parts (see above) are added to facilitate additional features that are commonly used.

All other PC features are treated opportunistically. This helps to lower the price, making the PC more practical.

Several important shifts in thinking add more value yet.

This approach results in a better standard PC for the money.

The Mini biases our approach more towards lower pricing and miniaturization.

The Standard biases our approach more towards compatibility with 3rd party GPU's, and expansion potential.

Most marketers approach this in an inverse fashion: bundling many features that you'll never use, into a PC that takes 10-15 times the space, is noisy and vulnerable, requires servicing, includes planned obsolescence (including getting slower over time), and is harder to keep current.

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