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Highest-Value Strategy

Technologies follow a 7-step progression. Understanding this progression is necessary to understanding value...

  1. cutting edge
  2. critical improvements
  3. substantial price drops
  4. highest-value
  5. low-end
  6. outdated
  7. obsolete

Here is how we produce a highest-value practical PC.

Parts combinations that work together are scored by their impact on weighted consumer objectives (see below). Each design decision is controlled by these weights.

In most cases parts are chosen from the "highest-value" step in technological development (see above). However, some consumer objectives (such as speed) are considerably more important than other objectives, so parts are chosen that lean more towards cutting edge in these areas only, while skimping on things that people never use (like having 8 SATA ports when no one buys SATA anymore anyway). The end result is a design that better serves the average consumer for standard everyday PC uses.

The Mini

The Mini Biases these weights more towards lower pricing and miniaturization.

25compatibility with common PC software, standards & expectations
19lower pricing
12lasts a long time
   4expansion potential
   0compatibility with cutting-edge 3rd party GPU's

The Standard

The Standard biases these weights more towards compatibility with 3rd party GPU's, and expansion potential.

25compatibility with common PC software, standards & expectations
13compatibility with cutting-edge 3rd party GPU's
13lower pricing
   9lasts a long time
   9expansion potential

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