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Important Shifts In Thinking


It is important to realize that in a Coffee Lake Refresh CPU, the i3 is actually quite powerful. In older platforms it was considered the low-end CPU, but with Coffee Lake Refresh it has a very fast raw core speed, twice as many cores, and it has turbo. This CPU really performs.


Another important shift is where you place within the PC those parts necessary to general processing only. Then outside, the power supply and all other devices. This results in a PC that is unlikely to ever need servicing. For example: let's suppose you decide later to add BluRay capability. Simply order it and plug it into a USB port. No servicing required. Or the power supply goes bad. Order a new one and plug it in. No servicing required. Or you want more disk space. Order a USB3 drive and plug it in. No servicing required. You need more USB3 ports? Order a splitter and plug it in. No servicing required. See the difference? Some will say that it is not as good as adding internal devices. USB3 closes that gap. For all standard uses its just as good. And when considering convenience and a reduced need for servicing, its better.


Another shift in thinking is to not hide planned obsolescence, but to rather make visible the mechanisms that cause it, and to pre-install solutions. The most significant mechanism is a bottleneck called 1 queue depth random read. In layman's terms, that is the bottleneck where software is trying to read many random file locations and can't catch up. Our PC's come out-of-the-box with this and other mechanisms fixed, so that the PC will stay fast and reliable.


Some of those newer game boxes produce so much heat that you hear that fan whining loudly at its highest RPM much of the time. Today's higher power CPU's generate a lot of heat, and its hard for people to imagine NOT having a fan to blow it away.

However, air is not the only medium that can transport heat. Copper is extremely effective. And aluminum can both move heat and store it, and is quite affordable. The right combinations of these metals in the right places can be so effective that it completely eliminates the need for a fan, even in a high performance full-watt PC. Check out our innovative (maybe even revolutionary) fanless PC case.


One thing everyone wants is more for their money. So, marketers are accustomed to delivering simple metrics that everyone understands, to give that impression. Such as a larger drive. However, drives now hold so much space that only the most demanding PC users need to be concerned about their size. Most people will never fill half their drive. Far more important to everyday life is drive I/O speed, because this affects the #1 PC bottleneck. Our solution calls for a special drive that costs more. We spend more on some parts to master what's important to everyday use, and then fill in around those solutions with lower priced (yet proven Highest-Value) parts to keep the price down. This approach better balances the capabilities of the PC around real use, which is really how you get more for your money. Not a larger drive. And that was just one example. Every caveat of The Mini was optimized this way.

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