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A Better Standard PC

The Unified-PC inverts Market Segmentation, by moving all arbitrary decisions into what's called a thermal accessory, thereby allowing the PC itself to remain universal and easily mobile and interchangeable.

Instead of picking separate PC's for each purpose (as you would in the Market Segmentation paradigm), instead pick a PC that works well for all intended uses (see configurations below), and then pair it with separate thermal accessories suitable to each environment.

The thermal accessory both completes the processing of heat (to allow sustainable high performance without necessitating a fan) and suits your asthetic tastes and other objectives (e.g. making it portable, hanging it from a shelf, attaching it to a wall, organizing a desktop, etc.).

This is the inverse of Market Segmentation. It gives you more control, flexibility, and value.

One example of why this gives you more control is that it makes possible moving your PC from environment to environment rather than having to rely on the cloud to clone it. Simply disconnect the PC from your desktop accessory and insert it into your portable accessory.

Another example is that you are not stuck taking 10-15 times the space (typical of mainstream PC's). The Unified-PC is extremely small and versatile, yet ultra powerful. It fits in any orientation or position, and will even work in places with bad air flow. If you are short on space yet require real PC power then this is the PC for you.


OS (we install, you license)

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The right connectors for all standard uses.


  1. i3-12100, 8GB RAM, 500GB NVMe SSD = $1000
  2. i3-12100, 16GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD = $1175
  3. i3-12100, 16GB RAM, 2TB NVMe SSD = $1383
  4. i5-12600, 16GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD = $1367
  5. i5-12600, 16GB RAM, 2TB NVMe SSD = $1,575
  6. i5-12600, 32GB RAM, 2TB NVMe SSD = $1,708
  7. i5-12600, 64GB RAM, 2TB NVMe SSD = $1,942
  8. i7-12700, 32GB RAM, 2TB NVMe SSD = $1,892
  9. i7-12700, 64GB RAM, 2TB NVMe SSD = $2,145
  10. i9-12900, 64GB RAM, 2TB NVMe SSD = $2,458

The Unified-PC comes in a heavy-duty (nearly solid) 1.25" x 7.63" x 8.88" aluminum fanless case. It features Intel's Alder Lake technology (touted best of the best in both business and gaming). Some units are ready to ship, others may take 2-5 weeks. The Hybrid Operating System is finished and can be selected through the OS option menu. The Automated Temperature Control System is finished and is included with each purchase of a Unified-PC.

The Hybrid Operating System is Copyright 2023 by Anthony Snyder. All rights reserved. The Automated Temperature Control System is Copyright 2023 by Anthony Snyder. All rights reserved. These software products are licensed for use on the Unified-PC only. No rights to make copies are allowed, except for backup purposes. Inquiries for resale and other uses are welcome.

Why Buy a Silver Bullet PC?

PC Tips

How To Choose The Right Configuration

The highest-value configurations for a multitude of standard uses are B through G. If you plan on using your PC for a lot of different things, where some of the software is relatively demanding, then these PC's are the best value.

If you need even more CPU speed, then H through J make use of CPU's that are considered the best consumer grade CPU's in the world for both business and gaming. These configurations will work exceptionally well in high-end CAD projects requiring numerous objects per drawing and up to a 12-bit color depth, you can open 30 tabs in your browser and leave them open, and play some of the very best games. These high-end units will also handle more different games, and function moderately well to very well as servers (depending on details). Alder Lake is the best of the best at raw core speed (the most important speed attribute for most of the more demanding software available), and comes with excellent hyper threading (to also boost parallel processing tasks). Alder Lake is Intel's first try at hybridized cores, which improves efficiency even more, resulting in a whopping 25%-35% jump in performance over the previous platform. Possibly the most important gain is that these performance boosts do not affect heat production as much as they did in the past.

For example: running 5 high resolution videos simultaneously takes a very long time for the PC to even get mildly warm.

Important Shifts In Thinking


CPU: 3.3(4.3) / 3.3(4.8) / 2.1(4.9) / 2.4(5.1) GHz Intel Alder Lake i3-12100 / i5-12600 / i7-12700 / i9-12900 CPU

Platform: Alder Lake (12th gen)

OS: Any PC Operating System

PC Type: Thin Mini-ITX Form Factor, Fanless Unified-PC

Size: 1.25" high x 7.625" wide x 8.875" long

RAM: 8/16/32/64GB DDR4-3200 RAM

Storage: 500GB/1/2TB NVMe SSD (this is your ultra high-speed drive C:, other drives may be added externally using a USB3)

GPU: integrated 700 series UHD iGPU

PSU Type: External 180w

Audio: 8-channel High Definition Audio

USB: 4x USB 3.0 (aka USB 3.1 gen 1), 2x USB 2

LAN: 1 Gigabit Realtek

Fans: 0 (it's fanless)

Our patent pending fanless case inverts the paradigm by putting on the outside all the features normally associated with a market segment, including both objective and subjective arbitrary features, so that the PC itself may remain universal in nature. Marketers have pushed market segmentation for so long that it seems familiar and right, when it really isn't. Reversing market segmentation results in better products for the consumer.

This is our flag-ship PC in support of a unified PC standard for all markets. It is strategically optimized for a wide range of software requirements and uses, ordinary home and office environments, gaming, harsh industrial and moist environments, machine control, remote operation, servers, security, portability, education, entertainment, and scientific. It includes both a BIOS and UEFI, to maximize compatibility with alternative PC operating systems, and of course Windows and Linux.

It is what a PC should be: one standard for all purposes.

It includes Intel's UHD 700 series integrated graphics, which displays 4K video/graphics at a full 60Hz over HDMI and DisplayPort. It includes Intel's Quicksync, which is the highest-value API allowing video encoding / decoding all the way up to a 10-bit color depth. It includes 4x USB3, 2x USB2, Gigabit LAN, 8-Channel Surround Sound, a DisplayPort, HDMI, keyboard and mouse connectors.

Travel Kit

Think space savings and flexibility. This PC can function as a desktop, as a mini-tower, as a server (even a tightly packed stack of servers), can mount on the wall, can mount behind your monitor, on or under a book shelf, or even inside a closet with poor air flow. It can be packed into a large travel case along with a 27" 4K monitor, plus full-sized keyboard and mouse.

We also have a small travel case that's just right to hold up to two Unified-PC's, one full sized KB, mouse, a thermal accessory, and a 15" or 17" monitor (imagine taking your high-powered desktop to the coffee shop in a small 9" x 19" case).

What if you worked several months on a project on your desktop PC, then wanted to take that project with you on a trip? Two thumb screws hold the Unified-PC to a thermal accessory. Simply unscrew those and place it inside a travel case.

Or better yet, we now have a modular laptop. Up to two Unified-PC's may operate simultaneously within one modular laptop, with a standard flatscreen and full sized keyboard and mouse. If you're looking for real productivity on-the-go, then there's no equal to this setup. And, there's no need to rely on the cloud to move all that work into a portable solution, because you can now very easily take it with you! It works just like a laptop without a battery: flip open the lid, plug the power cord into an AC outlet, turn it on with one button.

Here's how to select the right CPU.

The Unified-PC makes use of Intel's Alder Lake CPU's that have model numbers without the trailing "T" (normally included for fanless cases). This produces more value, and breaks availability bottlenecks. The correct "T" settings are emulated by our Automated Temperature Control System. The CPU automatically drops to the level of performance necessary to maintain an absolute temperature cap for the PC regardless of conditions and uses.

In choosing the right amount of RAM, it is very important to error on the high side. DDR4 RAM is reliable, cheap, and fast. Plus it is a part of our solution to the #1 PC Bottleneck. Getting this right helps to prevent the PC from getting slower over time.

We make strict use of premium grade DDR4 memory modules from Crucial (40 years experience in computer memory). DDR4 memory is way faster than DDR3. This super speed memory is faster yet if you select at least 16GB during checkout, because we will then put two modules in parallel.

Every part inside a Unified-PC was sourced from the most reliable parts in the world. The motherboard is trusted in a wide variety of conditions, and has an ultra low return rate. It includes special treatments, coatings, redundant circuitries, and special technologies, all focused on making it last. And to prove their point, the manufacturer of this motherboard supplies a free license to access the most advanced motherboard technical support program in the world: CSM.

Special software is included, that manages devices, fans, drivers, remote support, security, and BIOS upgrades. If security is important to you, then this software gives you control. It gets into the logging, meta-data and firmware updates for each device. And this is especially important if you have decided to not make use of Windows Update. The software can be used to manage just the one PC, or to remotely manage the devices to many PC's. It includes its own technical support hotline.

The Unified-PC comes with two USB3 (double speed Gen 2) ports in the rear, and two USB3 (normal speed Gen 1) ports in the front. USB3 is the de facto standard to connect your devices, and can easily convert to nearly every additional standard in existence by adding a low-cost adaptor. A simple adaptor provides Type-C. This is the standard you want in a practical PC. And you can split these ports up to 30 times for up to 30 more USB3 ports.

Intel's iGPU now produces up to 4K resolution graphics over HDMI, and 8K resolution over DisplayPort. Even though previous iGPU improvements were minor, Alder Lake switched things up with substantially improved lighting, reflection and graphical performance. Shrinking all this capability down into a corner of the CPU means the entire PC can be made much smaller, taking less power, and producing less heat.

The Unified-PC comes equipped with a 4-lane PCIe Express 4.0 type 2280 M.2 port. This is a very special port that handles the next generation high-speed NVMe devices. This is one technology of tremendous practical importance, because it means files are found, read, and written to/from disk far faster.

A high performing SSD cache is just a hype feature. Very high sequential transfer burst speeds look great on a glossy brochure yet rarely do anything of value in the real world. We have carefully chosen our SSD to have a high single queue random read specification, a high write limit, a decent percentage of space devoted to the over-provisioning algorithm, a 5 year manufacturer warranty, good thermal resilience, and a good price. If you are comparing IOPS then you're getting it wrong. IOPS is a deception to make low quality SSD's look as good as high quality SSD's.

Some people may be looking for a PC that works with their very old monitor. If this is the case, first check to see that it has either an HDMI connector or DisplayPort connector, because The Unified-PC requires one of these two connectors. It does not include the very old 15-pin VGA connector. For this connector you'll have to buy Standard-PC instead.

This computer is NOT designed to overclock. XMP is turned off. If you are looking for true value then you should think twice before deciding to overclock your PC. You may inadvertently void up to 4 warranties. A very large percentage of computer ads are focused on making overclocking look cool to gamers. Think that through a bit.

Here's an analogy: think of an overclocked PC like you would a speed boat on nitrous. It will go faster, and it will burn out sooner. Now ask yourself, what if you bought a speed boat with the next larger engine and didn't use nitrous? Hmmm... You'd get the added speed, but it would last longer! I'm sure you're getting this by now. We think it's smarter to go with a high end CPU, and to underclock it.

During checkout you may choose to have no OS ("none"), Windows 10, Ubuntu 22.10, or your choice of Hybrid Operating System for us to preload and test. It is up to you to license it.

A PC Server?

Alder Lake is a terrific platform for servers. It so easily breaks all three PC bottlenecks. A correctly equipped Alder Lake server will out perform everything at the same price level. Keep in mind, if your server is exceedingly busy then you should go with a larger NVMe drive, to get a higher write limit and performance level.

But what about that indecision as to whether to keep beefing up existing servers, versus adding more servers? With our Unified-PC it might make sense to divide up your demand into multiple identical (and therefore interchangeable) PC's. Just imagine how much simpler and easier to add the exact same optimally designed PC, than to fight with upgrades and parts that are always different?

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