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Why Buy a Silver Bullet PC?

It is both very fast, and it is designed with built-in solutions to the top three PC bottlenecks. These bottlenecks cause other PC's to get slower over time.

Intel's Raptor Lake platform makes possible the most effective and affordable solutions to those bottlenecks.

But there's a lot more to what makes a PC practical than just speed.

One of the more common PC product optimizations is to pack in the most features for the money. And this is generally fairly easy to sell, because it makes some sense. But what tends to sink in after it's too late is that their PC's take 10-15 times as much space as necessary. And they require servicing, include planned obsolescence, and they accumulate large volumes of dust.

At Silver Bullet PC we instead look at what the average consumer does every day, and consider these objectives the most important. We use weighted consumer objectives to find the utmost sweet-spot-compromise, or Silver Bullet PC design.

The result is our Unified-PC, with an expected lifespan of 20 years, and designed for nearly all uses in nearly all markets. Markets include: home, office, travel, business, entertainment, education, scientific, commercial, industrial, machine control, and servers.

Silver Bullet PC does not participate in market segmentation, planned obsolescence, or any other deceptive marketing practice.

Our Unified-PC makes use of cutting edge Intel Core CPU's, and therefore requires a cutting edge operating system. However, during checkout you may optionally select our Hybrid Operating System, which combines Ubuntu with just about any outdated PC operating system. (For example: you can use Windows 7 or XP forever, if you select our Hybrid OS.)

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