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A privacy statement is pointless without also providing SSL security for the website. Otherwise, even an innocent cookie can be exploited by 3rd parties wishing to nose in on your business.

We take privacy very seriously. We do not launch cookies for any reason. However, as you make use of the Paypal buttons to shop, Paypal will launch cookies for the purpose of tracking the items in your order. The Paypal cookie also tracks whether you are a Paypal customer, or a guest, and retains this information into the future, at least until you clear your browser cache of cookies. As far as we know that's all they do, but you could always check Paypal's privacy statement to learn more.

All our pages and links make use of secure SSL connections, and in compliance with well researched security publications such as SSL Labs. And we do not accumulate data on users reading our website. Your IP address is discarded the moment you break the connection. You will not receive spam mail as a result of interacting with our website. And, no malware is hidden anywhere on our site.

We don't collect credit card numbers or banking information. Instead, we make use of Paypal services, configuring them to keep this type of data solely on their servers. Their high reputation service is backed by the highest grade technical support and dispute centers. We've seen them in action and were won over by their comprehensiveness and professionalism. Trust is hard to come by on the web, making Paypal of high value in protecting privacy.

We keep all contact information behind a strong firewall, and do not give it out to anyone for any reason.

Please visit our security tips page if you are interested in tips for protecting privacy.

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