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We use a sustainable business model, making use of a constant mark-up to guarantee viability, fairness and quality. Computers are built using local labor, following concise guidelines and validation steps to ensure a consistent quality. Our accessories are constantly updated to reflect only the highest value products to go with our exceptionally high value PC. We hope these policies provide you with peace-of-mind in knowing that everything you buy from us is a great buy, that everyone is paid fairly, and that we can always afford to support what we sell.

Another attribute to sustainability is that our workspace is engineered to very easily scale up or down to meet demand. We efficiently cater to any quantity level, without negatively impacting overhead.

Its encouraging seeing the number of new businesses with similar sustainable policies. If all companies did this then the world would indeed be a much better place.

Silver Bullet PC was founded in 2018 by one of the original PC store owners from Whatcom County back in the days of the original PC. That store drew in crowds of people looking for solutions to their PC problems, and it continued to sell PC's for over 20 years.

However, today's Silver Bullet PC is a hardware-only mail-order personal computer (PC) business. This structure allows it to remain specialized and efficient, to survive today's marketplace.

To master our mandate we seek powerful shifts in thinking that produce more value. For example: we put devices on the outside, designed a heavy-duty fanless case, make use of Intel's Coffee Lake Refresh, sacrificed those never used features, and eliminated the mechanisms behind planned obsolescence and market segmentation. The result is a far better standard PC.

We rely on reputation to sell our PC's, spending approximately zero dollars on advertising and promotions, so that we can pass that savings on.

Our sales are made by people, and creative online venues. Plus we have found simple ways to reward loyalty that do not require the customer to keep track of things (see discounts).

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