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Silver Bullet PC is a mail-order personal computer (PC) business. It is located in Bellingham, Washington. It was founded by one of the original PC store owners from Whatcom County, rebirthing as a mail-order business to remain specialized and efficient with just this niche.

The theme behind Silver Bullet PC is a never ending quest to produce the absolute highest-value practical PC.

The average consumer simply wants a computer that works well for the money spent. It must be compatible with their software. Last a long time. And they don't want it to get slower and slower over time. Getting "just this" for as little money as possible seems the preference.

A computer that optimally solves the above could then be called "the world's most practical computer". We have made this our mandate.

We started by distilling this mandate into more specific consumer objectives: compatibility, reliability, low price, high speed, connectivity, longevity, and convenience.

Then we fully researched features affecting each. And from there selected the specific version and form of each feature that would rank highest in value in light of the mandate. And we had to sort out the true causes of a PC slowing down over time, and fix these. Which we have done.

The end result is a PC design suitable for all industries and all uses. Its also a very fast PC for the money spent. One that is compatible with all PC operating systems. And provides direct control over firmware and chip level security issues, to remove the need to rely on 3rd party software.

Then we removed the complexity of discounts. We found very simple ways to reward loyalty that do not require the consumer to keep track of things. Our discounts page says it all.

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