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Silver Bullet PC is a mail-order personal computer (PC) business. It is located in Bellingham, Washington. It was founded by one of the original PC store owners from Whatcom County, rebirthing as a mail-order business to remain specialized and efficient with just this niche.

The theme behind Silver Bullet PC is a never ending quest to produce the highest-value practical PC.

We now have a standard PC design suitable for all industries and all uses. Its also very fast for the price. And it integrates powerful shifts in thinking that produce even more value.

We rely primarily on reputation to sell our PC's. Approximately zero dollars are spent on advertising and promotions. Plus we have found very simple ways to reward loyalty that do not require the customer to keep track of things (see discounts).

We use a sustainable business model, never raising or lowering our mark-up to work the marketplace, and instead keeping a constant mark-up to guarrantee viability, fairness and quality. For this reason it is possible for some of our accessories to sometimes cost a few dollars more than you'll find in popular online marketplaces. However, you get the peace-of-mind that our selections are constantly updated to reflect only exceptionally high value products to go with our exceptionally high value PC, and that everyone is paid fairly, and that we can always afford to support our products.

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