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Software requirements and hardware specifications should always be reviewed before purchasing a specific software and hardware combination. In general, our PC design maximizes the likelihood of compatibility.

As a mail-order PC company our sole mission is to create and support high value personal computers. We do not offer any services beyond this. This allows us more time to improve the value of the PC's that we sell.

If you ask for advice we may give it, but only with the understanding that it is given on a good faith best-efforts basis. We cannot be held liable for any actions taken based on our advice.

We do not support software.

And of course we cannot be held responsible for anything that you do with your PC, nor any liability due to the inherent risks associated with using a PC online. Everyone must assume their own risks as they use their PC's. We offer a few tips at our privacy page.

We sell computers meant for the North American marketplace. The necessary provisions are not in place for our computers to be sent overseas.

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