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The Silver Bullet PC comes with a warranty against defects and substandard workmanship. If you discover that the PC is defective or not at all as advertised then you may send it back to us in an undamaged condition along with an explanation of the problem encountered, and you'll receive a full replacement or refund.

Our standard warranty is 2 years. You may add warranty extensions at the time of sale for only 5% per additional year. After adding the warranty to the cart you can then adjust the number of years during check-out. If purchasing multiple computers and warranties at the same time, then we will distribute the warranties evenly (by model), unless you specify otherwise.

As each of our PC's are built from all-new parts, the individual part manufacturer warranties are also available. You may freely make use of either our warranty or theirs at any time.

To avoid unnecessary damage we ask that only experienced PC technicians open and service the computer. If we discover internal damage from improper handling of parts then our warranty is void.

The warranty is also void if overclocking was enabled.

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