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Many companies flood the market with coupons, promotions and advertising, hoping to recover these costs in added sales. It seems like such a waste. So we said "no".

Here's how we do it...

  1. There are absolutely no coupons, promotions or advertising - we save these costs and pass them on.
  2. Freight is charged on the first computer in each purchase. Each additional computer in the same purchase is shipped freight free.
  3. Local deliveries receive this same discount, except that we will deliver instead of UPS.
  4. Each repeat purchase receives an extra two years on the warranty at no charge. Our standard 3 year warranty becomes a 5 year warranty.
  5. If you have a reseller license, then we'll need a picture of it on file. Once we have that, you will then receive a 10% discount on all purchases at any volume, from that day forward, and your freight is always free.

This approach simplifies and expedites every side of the transaction, while delivering reasonably good discounts for loyalty and bulk.

And best of all the consumer has nothing at all to keep track of to gain these benefits.

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