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A Silver Bullet PC is designed to Last a Long Time

Some PC's last years and years, while others seem to go out-of-date way too fast. There are a number of technical reasons explaining this difference. When it comes to value, these technical differences are very important.

A lot of times planned obsolescence is the cause of a PC not lasting a long time. We have removed the mechanisms behind this. Our PC does not get unnecessarily slower over time. The CPU doesn't gradually damage itself over time. The power is clean and safe. And there are no moving parts to wear out.

A single unified PC standard simplifies issues that affect value. For example, it allows more parts interchangeability. And this makes it harder to monopolize a necessary part. It also makes feature and support issues more transparent, and easier to facilitate. Its easier to repurpose the PC. And it retains more value.

Also affecting the lifespan of the PC, is the shift in thinking where only essentials are put on the inside, while anything likely to need servicing is placed on the outside. This includes the power supply, archive drives, optical drives, etc. Updating or replacing any of these does not require servicing the main unit. Simply order the new device and plug it in.

Our fanless PC includes an exceptional heat buffer that tames heat spikes, safeguarding the CPU.

And we make use of reliable parts brands. Parts that have longer manufacturer warranties, high reputations for reliability, and the best technologies at a reasonable price. We avoid brands like Seagate that deploy endless deceptions. And we avoid special deals that are likely to have something wrong with them.

The combination of all our design policies result in a very-long-lasting PC.

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