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Highest Value Keyboards

Keyboards have all sorts of tricky issues to contend with. Here at Silver Bullet PC we assess these issues very carefully. This includes: keys in all the expected places and shapes, great tactile feedback, ultra fast touch-typist potential, not noisy, handles light spills, coded right for modern PC utilization, buttons that don't get stuck, and allows harsh use without wearing out in a few days or weeks. Here's what we came up with...

Best Ultra Cheap Standard PC Keyboard

Have you ever faced the scenario where you're caught without a working keyboard and end up driving across town just to buy something that doesn't work very well, and at triple its real price? To avoid that scenario we all need a good backup keyboard. One that works the way you'd expect it to work, lasts practically forever, and is super cheap. The Logitech K120 is that keyboard. It's been tested for years by thousands of consumers and nearly all say the same things. It has been our preferred backup keyboard for years also. It's noisy and simple, but wow, it out lasts everything else, and in a pinch you can actually type quite fast on it. Sometimes it seems so good that it can be puzzling as to why so many inferior keyboards at higher prices even sell at all. Be forewarned: it is a no-thrills keyboard. There's no lighting, it's noisy, there's no wrist support, etc. But it works very well, and at it's unbelievably low price, that's what really counts.
Standards: USB
Price: $15

Highest Value PC Keyboard

A highest value keyboard must be better than good on all key points, yet at an outstanding price. The wireless Logitech MK545 Advanced retails for $89, it is simple and easy to setup, has rounded corners for ease-of-handling, has soft yet responsive keys that are shaped just right, and it includes a 3 year warranty. It also includes a wireless mouse: the M510.
Standards: wireless
Price: $71

Best Keyboard for Precise Typing Experience and Durability

To claim that a keyboard is the most precise in the world, requires going way beyond normal engineering, mastering all those subtle nuances that are hard to explain yet make all the difference. The Das Keyboard 4 Professional is currently the rave because it appears to deliver exactly that. Given its exceptionally high level engineering the price tag is comparatively low, making it a highest-value keyboard for those that require ultra precision. Its exacting qualities make it the preferred keyboard in both high-speed typing, and gaming.
Standards: USB 3.0, NKRO, PC, Mac
Price: $225

Best Multi-Device Keyboard

The Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard is the best switching keyboard for switching between a PC, tablet, and phone. Others have attempted this and created major failures, but here is Logitech's slim quiet technologically sound masterpiece.
Standards: BlueTooth Smart, Logitech Unifying Protocol, AAA, USB
Price: $85

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