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Highest Value Mice

These days mice have so many different features and designs, that it makes it hard to find something that just works. To make this decision easier here is our list of the best mice in the world...

Very Best Productivity Mouse In The World

The Logitech MX-Master-2S, Wireless Productivity Mouse has no equal. From what we've heard and our own experiences, everyone that tries it keeps using it.
Standards: BlueTooth
Price: $95

Best Simple Productivity Mouse

The Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse was legendary for many years, and it's now back, and in the same classic shape as the original yet with 3200 DPI. The buttons are programmable and very simple. This is the mouse that gets work done. Microsoft's optics work every bit as well as Logitech's optics. These are really the only two brands to count on.
Standards: Wired
Price: $45

Best Travel Mouse

The Logitech MX-Anywhere-2, Wireless Travel Mouse works well in a variety of scenarios, and is easy to pack, making it a great travel mouse.
Standards: BlueTooth
Price: $85

Best Quiet Mouse

The Logitech, M331 Silent Plus suppresses 90% of typical mouse noises yet works very well. It is a high precision mouse, glides easily and is 1000 DPI. The wireless capability has an impressive 33 foot range.
Standards: Wireless
Price: $59

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