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PC Accessories
Surface Treatments

The Mini (configurations D-J) come in Utilitarian Aluminum, which is a stock aluminum with all the original scratches and scuffs. All we do is clean it up and debur it.

Or we can polish or brush the bare aluminum.

However, if you prefer a painted unit, we have that too. We make use of a high tech paint that bonds with aluminum to produce a stronger finish to help shield against scratching. Keep in mind aluminum is a soft metal and therefore easily scratched.

Regardless of the surfacing you choose, we leave one side unpainted and smooth for thermal contact purposes. This is the side that's closest to the CPU.

Paint Colors

  • Light Grey ($15)
  • Light Blue ($15)
  • Red ($15)
  • Green ($15)
  • Yellow ($15)
  • Brown ($15)
  • Black ($15)
  • White ($15)

All painted colors have a non-gloss matte finish.

Bare Aluminum Options

  • Utilitarian Aluminum (free)
  • Polished Aluminum ($25)
  • Brushed Aluminum ($15)

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