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PC Accessories
Travel Cases

These cases perfectly fit The Mini, along with a full sized keyboard and mouse, cables, and a thermal accessory.

Travel Case Small
Travel Case Small - Filled

Packing: set the monitor on the left, The Mini on top, the cables and mouse to the right, and then the keyboard lays over everything.

Small Travel Case

Our small travel case is just 19 inches long, made of black aluminum, and has a handle at one end to make it easier to carry in busy places. Foam padding on all sides helps to protect its contents. The latches are very easy to use flip-latches.
Price: $95

Travel Kit

Large Travel Case

Our large travel case can hold up to a 31" monitor, and is made of heavy-duty cloth. Foam padding on all sides helps to protect its contents, which can include two PC's. An external pouch makes easy work of cables and smaller devices.
Price: $155

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