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Thermal Accessories for the Unified-PC

With the Unified-PC it is completely safe to experiment to get the right thermal accessory for your needs. It processes heat in such a manner that the complexities of heat management are made safe, simple, and intuitive.

Without a thermal accessory the Unified-PC will perform most normal tasks at full speed. However, to sustain high performance tasks a thermal accessory is necessary.

Pointing an external room fan at the PC or at its thermal accessory is a great way to boost its heat dissipation rate, and gives you control that an internal fan won't.

Our Automated Temperature Control System maintains a constant maximum temperature. Absolutely no adjustments are necessary when adding a thermal accessory. Simply attach it and turn on the PC. Your preset maximum temperature is automatically maintained.

Thermal accessories do two things: they complement the PC's ability to process heat, and they allow additional more arbitrary options. This is why you'll see thermal accessories in various forms: a desktop stand, a book shelf, a server rack, a hanging shelf, a modular laptop, and a portable stand. These all fit the Unified-PC.

You may optionally add a black matte powder coat treatment to any PC or thermal accessory. Be sure to adjust your quantity during check-out to account for the number of PC's and/or thermal accessories to apply the surface treatment. This coating significantly boosts the ability to radiate heat, while somewhat reducing the ability to convect heat.

Thermal Accessories

Under Development

Thermal accessories are being redeveloped for the new Revision 7 PC. We expect to release these over the rest of 2023 and 2024. In the meantime you can make use of an external fan to boost performance.

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