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Thermal Accessories for the Unified-PC

With the Unified-PC it is completely safe to experiment to get the right thermal accessory for your needs. It processes heat in such a manner that the complexities of heat management are made safe, simple, and intuitive.

Without a thermal accessory the Unified-PC will perform most normal tasks at full speed. However, to sustain high performance tasks a thermal accessory is necessary.

Pointing an external room fan at the PC or at its thermal accessory is a great way to boost its heat dissipation rate, and gives you control that an internal fan won't.

Our Automated Temperature Control System maintains a constant maximum temperature. Absolutely no adjustments are necessary when adding a thermal accessory. Simply attach it and turn on the PC. Your preset maximum temperature is automatically maintained.

Thermal accessories do two things: they complement the PC's ability to process heat, and they allow additional more arbitrary options. This is why you'll see thermal accessories in various forms: a desktop stand, a book shelf, a server rack, a hanging shelf, a modular laptop, and a portable stand. These all fit the Unified-PC.

Each accessory and PC comes with two color choices: aluminum alloy and matte black. In most scenarios these choices produce about the same rate of heat elimination (pros and cons roughly net the same). Therefore, the decision is usually subjective.

However, there are two exceptions...

#1 If you plan on using the PC in direct sunlight, or near any major radiant heat source (like a fireplace), then aluminum alloy will do a better job because it will reflect away external radiant heat while simultaneously conducting and convecting away its own heat.

#2 Or, if you plan on operating the PC in an area with bad air flow then it is important to make use of a surface treatment that maximizes emissivity (such as the matte black powdercoating that we offer as an option).

If there is another color that you prefer, then please contact us with that color suggestion and we will let you know how soon we can add it.

You may optionally add a black matte powder coat treatment to any PC or thermal accessory. Be sure to adjust your quantity during check-out to account for the number of PC's and/or thermal accessories to apply the surface treatment.

If you choose a color, then the front and bottom panels of the PC will be powder coated that color. (Powder coating is a special kind of durable paint.) The rest of the PC remains bare aluminum so that it can thermally connect with an accessory. If choosing to color a thermal accessory, then the entire accessory is powder coated except for the area reserved for connecting the PC.

Thermal Accessories


Check back very soon for pictures of the Wafer! Every caveat of the Wafer was engineered to optimize net utility value over time when it comes to PC portability. The Wafer holds up to one Unified-PC.

Small Modular Laptop (Wafer Tech)

Check back this spring for pictures of the Small Modular Laptop! The Small Modular Laptop holds up to one Wafer. The Wafer drops into the Small Modular Laptop with two fingers, for an ultra convenient laptop metamorphosis.

Large Dual-PC Modular Laptop (Non-Wafer Tech)

Modular Laptop

It works just like a laptop without a battery: simply open the lid, plug it in and turn it on. All the devices are wired to the PC already, allowing it to all turn on with one button.

This heavy-duty 3.5" x 27" x 15" thermal accessory includes a considerable amount of aluminum, and is therefore a bit heavy for some people to carry. This is so that it can hold standard desktop-sized devices (monitor, keyboard, mouse), while making them work like a laptop. It comes pre-assembled. Up to two Unified-PC's may be operated simultaneously within the same modular laptop, with included switch that switches one of them at a time to the devices. Four USB ports are also switched. The lid locks in place with simple finger-tip latches. An included airport approved padlock may optionally be snapped into the front of the case to lock the lid.

Purchase the Unified-PC(s), monitor, keyboard, and mouse, separately. We can install these for you if purchased all at the same time. The monitor attaches using either VESA standard: 75mm or 100mm.

You may at any time independently replace the monitor, keyboard, and mouse with numerous alternative choices from the mainstream marketplace.

Price: $928

Heavy Duty Padded Cloth Case

Large Travel Case

This is a sharp looking heavy duty black cloth case designed to carry the modular laptop, and is padded on all sides.

Price: $165

Aluminum Table Top

The 2' x 4' x 1/4" Aluminum Table Top is a solid aluminum plate. It works great as a cover for a desktop. Simply set the PC on top. This is an ideal configuration to rapidly store and dissipate heat. Since it is under your hands while typing, it also gives you real-time feedback as to how much heat is stored up. This is one of the best thermal accessories for an intermittently very active PC user, and it may be appealing to those that do not want thermal accessories on top the computer.
Price: $235

Desktop Stand
Hanging Shelf

Unified-PC on top Desktop Stand (front)

This heavy duty all-aluminum thermal accessory has two configurations: Desktop Stand, or Hanging Shelf.

Configuration: Desktop Stand

Unified-PC on top Desktop Stand (back)

Use a medium sized phillips screwdriver to assemble the stand. You can set it or bolt it onto a table surface (bolting is recommended). In this configuration up to two Unified-PC's may be attached with thumb screws, while the monitor sets on top. A full sized keyboard and mouse will slide underneath.

Configuration: Hanging Shelf

Use a medium sized phillips screwdriver to assemble the shelf and tray. Then bolt it underneath a strong shelf. (Four holes will need to be drilled into the shelf.) Place excess cabling and small USB devices inside the tray, then slide the particle board separator overtop (angles upward to the opening). A full sized keyboard and mouse may now slide onto this particle board while not in use, while the PC's operate from the two ends of the hanging shelf.

Price: $160

Basic Portable Stand

Design Biases: Low Cost, Portability

The Small Travel Case comes with this Basic Portable Stand. However, you may purchase it separately here.

It is a simple design and a bit of a conversation piece at coffee shops. It consists of a panel and a belt-shaped mount, both functioning as dividers within the Small Travel Case. Assembly takes about 1 minute: remove the panel and mount from the Small Travel Case, attach both to a single Unified-PC using two thumb screws, set on a desktop, then arrange a medium to large portable monitor up against the mount.

Price: $33


The 8.5" x 8.5" x 0.05" Copper-V thermal accessory (made from a 17" x 8.5" x 0.05" copper sheet folded in half) is very effective relative to the small space that it takes. It folds flat making it easy to pack next to the PC in transport or storage, while requiring only one inch more than the PC itself during use. We highly recommend this thermal accessory for its combination of convenience, space saving, looking cool, and effectiveness. This is a good choice for a small space, and while traveling, where medium performance may be needed continually.
Price: $115

Copper Wall

The 7.75" x 24" x 1/16" Copper Wall is a very effective thermal accessory. It comes with a z-fold-crease at 9" from one end, making it easy to bend to 90 degree. You place the short end on your desk and the PC on top, or flip both over and use thumb screws (included). Then the long end stretches up or down the wall (15") with a 1-2" gap from the wall. All that surface area allows copper to do what it does best: dissipate heat fast. This is the right choice for sustained medium-high performance.
Price: $198

Flat Aluminum 0.25

The 8" x 18" x 1/4" Flat Aluminum 0.25 significantly increases both heat storage and elimination. This works well when intermittent medium performance sessions are needed. It also just fits within the Small Travel Case because it is the same size as the keyboard. It easily mounts to the PC using 2 thumb screws, fitting right along the top of the PC and out the back an added 9". Or, optionally mount across the top like a wing. This is the best simple low-cost accessory that is also portable.
Price: $50

Morphing Stand

Design Biases: Low Cost, Creativity

This thermal accessory combines low cost with creativity, and is not recommended for those that prefer to keep things simple. There are six pieces to assemble and for some people that may be a bit much.

It morphs into several configurations to creatively eliminate heat from 1-2 Unified-PC's while holding a portable monitor. The pieces all precisely fit within the remaining available space of the Small Travel Case. In one configuration the pieces form a cooling tower, where heat within the tower pulls cool air in at the bottom to cool one or two Unified-PC's. In another configuration heat moves passively front-to-back-and-up through a channel. And you can also assemble the parts to make a stand that looks like a moth with wings pointed outward at different angles.

The Morphing Stand may be combined with the Basic Portable Stand to form several additional configurations. Both may fit simultaneously within the Small Travel Case.

Price: $70

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