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Our official Patent Pending status has been granted! Stay tuned for brand new pictures of the ultimate fanless PC case.

A fanless PC is completely silent. It is also more robust, capable of handling more vibration, bad air, moisture, and weight on it than other PC's. In other words, it is better suited to the varied conditions to be expected in real life scenarios.

However, our fanless PC inverts the paradigm, by moving all arbitrary objective and subjective consumer decisions into what's called a thermal accessory, thereby allowing the PC itself to remain universal and easily mobile and interchangeable. This is our contribution towards breaking apart the supreme marketer deception called Market Segmentation.

Our Patent Pending fanless PC case is designed to handle the powerful full-watt 9th and 10th generation Intel iCore CPU's. What makes it unique is its extremely small size (1.25" x 7.5" x 8.75") combined with sustainable high performance, and completely silent operation.

Other manufacturers cannot deliver all three in the same PC.

Normal Conditions: Runs Cool As-Is
Normal Conditions: Runs Cool
Perfect shape for all settings.
Perfect shape for all settings.

This design maximizes the transfer rate of heat out of the CPU and into its perimeter, where it dissipates directly into the air at a rate fast enough for normal PC operation.

It also provides an unusual heat buffer capability to tame heat spikes, which then allows Intel's power throttling to work correctly, and the electronics to last longer.

The right connectors for all standard uses.
The right connectors for all standard uses.
Thermal Contact Side Stays Bare
Thermal Contact Side

It is common for high-end laptops from major manufacturers to produce more heat than they can handle, resulting in a rapid loss of performance and wild temperature changes negatively impacting the lifespan of the machine. A set of features called "power throttling" kicks in at different points to protect the equipment, but even this may not work correctly on some new computers. We've heard reports of it getting stuck on, and users not getting anywhere near the performance rating of their systems.

Due to our very large heat buffer, power throttling always works correctly, and never gets stuck on, even without a thermal accessory.

Without a thermal accessory, The Mini sustains a high performance level for roughly 20 minutes, depending on the configuration. A thermal accessory can allow high performance on-going. Our case eliminates the complexities of heat management, making this decision both safe enough and simple enough for the consumer to handle. Thermal accessories have no moving parts and are completely quiet, just like the PC. The surfaces are specially treated to allow heat to radiate into the air roughly 20% faster than the larger manufacturer's budget anodized surfaces.

This fanless case can handle most coffee spills, static electricity, incense, moisture rich air, metallic dust in the air, moderate vibrations & bumps, considerable weight on it, and papers piled up all around it. All the things you'd expect in a busy home, office, garage or shop.

Something you can't do with other PC's is put them in a place with bad air flow. For example: you can stack several of our PC's tightly together, with a copper heat conduit conducting all their heat into a metal beam. Why have several PC's at the mercy of questionable air flow and questionable fans when a perfectly good metal beam is right there? With our approach this can be turned into a trouble-free scenario, with PC's that last longer and perform better.

Imagine your own completely quiet, yet high powered server farm in the corner of your living room, hardly taking any space. This fanless case makes that possible.

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