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HDD: Toshiba

Description: N300, 7200 RPM Internal NAS HDD 128MB Cache
Standards: NAS, SATA3 (ATA-600), 3.5" Form Factor


In our opinion this is currently the highest value 4TB hard drive in the world.

Toshiba is the underdog in hard drives, but their success thus far is earning respect industry wide. In general, Toshiba's NAS drive replacement statistics look very promising, and this is a newer version of their standard NAS drive. It includes a larger cache and faster RPM than WD, making it a great choice for those looking for highest-value.

A number of reputable reviewers rate this drive as one of the very best values, and we agree. At this moment Toshiba NAS drives are pushing past Western Digital in capability and low price, while achieving roughly the same incredibly good replacement statistics.

This is now the drive of choice going into our new PC's. Yes, we are putting NAS drives in desktop PC's, and for good reasons.

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