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The world's most practical PC.
The Prototype at a Coffee Shop

Hybrid Operating System
Windows, Linux, etc.
Sustainable High Performance
Completely Silent
Lasts 20 Years
No Dust
Maintenance Free
4K Graphics
Surround Sound
12th & 13th Gen Intel
Rethink The PC
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Unified-PC (top)

SilverBulletPC.com products are engineered for real-world uses and conditions.

Designed with multiple paradigm-shift improvements: the Unified-PC is a better standard for the PC.

Unified-PC (front)

(1.25" x 7.68" x 8.88")

Unified-PC (bottom)

Our Patent Pending fanless PC case allows a super small PC to sustain very fast speeds, and to remain completely silent and maintenance free.


Works with any size monitor. Provides up to 4K resolution at 60Hz, without the need for a graphics card.

Our Hybrid Operating System makes the Unified-PC 1000x more secure, and reduces problem potential by 90%.

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