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The world's most practical PC.
The Mini Portable Desktop Setting
Sustains High Speeds
Maintenance Free
Very Small
Rethink The PC
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Solid State Full-Watt PC

A Silver Bullet PC optimizes the features that you use all the time.

Designed with multiple paradigm-shift improvements: The Mini is a better standard PC.

Silver Bullet PC: The Mini


Solid State Full-Watt PC


6 pounds of aluminum

Our Patent Pending fanless PC case allows a super small PC to sustain very fast speeds, and remain completely silent.


Works with any size monitor. Provides up to 4K resolution at 60Hz.

Silver Bullet PC: The Standard

The Standard is for those that require an old-school PC, to make room for devices on the inside. It fits a full-length 16 express lane 3rd party GPU, for extreme high-performance graphics.

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